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Sculpture "Samogitian legends"

In 2008, the sculpture titled The Samogitian Legends was placed in the very heart of Telšiai, near the Cathedral Square. Today, the sculpture is considered one of the symbols of Telšiai City. In terms of design, The Samogitian Legends reminds of the Capitoline Wolf and depicts a bear, which symbolizes the totem and mother of Samogitia, carrying three children and two bear cubs on her back. Sculptor Romualdas Kvintas and Architect Prof. Algirdas Žebrauskas were the authors of this sculpture. Tour guides like to make a stop at Samogitian Legends because this place is a perfect spot to tell the tourists about the myths associated with the origins of the Samogitians and old folk tales about the bears that raised children lost in the woods. They make sure to tell that the Samogitians consider themselves a separate nation and that the three children riding the bear symbolize the three most important values that grant strength to Samogitia and its people. The Samogitian child sitting in front is the symbol of artists and creators who have always been the driving force of Samogitia. The standing boy is a devoted patriot, warrior and defender protecting the history, land, customs and language of Samogitia. The third child is seen kissing a bear cub and symbolizes a diplomat who patiently searches for a peaceful solution or a compromise even in the most troubling situations.

Gently rub the snout of the bear to make a good wish come true. Believe it or not but it really seems to work - just take a look at the snout of the sculpture beer that is all shiny from rubbing!

The system for discovering Samogitia and Telšiai through art that was created by Architect A. Žebrauskas has a repetitive beer motif. If you look attentively, you can find as many as 47 bears Telšiai. This is one of the reasons why Telšiai is known as the city of bears. The bears vary in their shapes and sizes. There are several tiny bears holding the artworks titled Discover the Capital of Samogitia and The Globe of Samogitia. There is also a giant armored bear on top of the city clocktower (Artist Prof. R. Inčirauskas, Sculptor E. Frėjus, Architect Prof. A. Žebrauskas). This bear guards the time of Samogitia and symbolizes the stubbornness of the Samogitians to always look for the best possible solutions. This only confirms the popular saying “Whatever comes, whatever goes, a Samogitian will never succumb!”

The doors of the Cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua portray an artistically retold history of the Christianization of the Samogitians and another three bears playing their own role in the story (Artist Prof. R. Inčirauskas, Architect Prof. A. Žebrauskas).

If you would like to find even more symbols of Telšiai City, go down to the pier on Lake Mastis just past the famous Telšiai Amphitheatre to find six little bears playing on the bridges...