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Traditional craft center of Kretinga museum

The Counts Tyszkiewicz were one of the wealthiest and most eminent families in Lithuania in the 19th century. They were not only blessed with good luck. On the contrary, the Tyszkiewicz family were enthusiastic and cunning entrepreneurs. They owned many manors in Lithuania and Belarus, ran several industrial and commercial companies in Vilnius and Lentvaris, built a private port in Palanga and bought a trading vessel called Phoenix, and owned one of the largest brick factories of Samogitia located in Kretinga. During the interwar period, they also engaged in husbandry and production of vegetable oil, sweets, syrup and honey right at their manor.

The family also owned several greenhouses in Kretinga. The largest of them had a brick wing annexed to it. During 2011–2013, this greenhouse was fully renovated and became home for the Kretinga Museum Traditional Craft Center. The Center offers a variety of popular educational activities designed for both children and adults, such as, for instance:

Kretinga Manor Confectionery (you can learn how to make caramel candies and discover how sweets and candies were made at Kretinga Manor in the times of the Counts Tyszkiewicz);

Wood Carvings Samogitian Style (discover the traditional folk art and the development of wood carving tradition in Samogitia and do not miss the unique opportunity to make a paper print of your wood carving with a little help from the Kretinga artisans);

Kretinga Manor Bakery (homemade bread is baked according to the Samogitian tradition in an old fully restored oven);

Exquisite Sash Weaving (discover a variety of Samogitian sashes, their types, patterns and cultural significance, find out how to prepare warp yarn and weave sashes on a loom, and take a real weaving class from a professional weaver).