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Traditional craft center in the cellar of Plateliai manor

In the Soviet times, the cellar of Plateliai Manor was used as a warehouse for fertilizers. Later, the upper floor was erected and turned into a hotel, and the cellar was used as a café for some time. 

Presently, the cellar of Plateliai Manor is home to the Traditional Craft Center with premises for arts and crafts workshops, exhibitions, seminars and various other events. There is a brick oven for baking bread, a loom, several sets of chisels for wood carving, an edgestone, a mobile forge and other necessary equipment.

The Craft Center seeks to preserve and promote the traditional crafts of this region, e.g. weaving on loom, weaving from hazel wood and fir roots, wood carving, cross making, clog making, smithery, traditional Samogitian cuisine, etc. The arts and crafts workshops are given by professional Samogitian artisans and folk artists. In addition to learning about the Samogitian traditions and culinary heritage, the visitors are welcome to try their hand at weaving on a loom, carving, weaving, embroidery and spinning.