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St. Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul

St Peter and St Paul the Apostles church complex is part of the nationally significant sacral heritage in Plateliai Town, Plungė District. The main object of the complex is the Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles church that was built in seventeen forty-four. In the crypt of the church the last owners of Plateliai Mansion, Marie Choiseul-Gouffier and her brother Gabriel Choiseul-Gouffier, are buried.

Since the day when the church was built it has been renovated and renewed many times; however, it has maintained its Lithuanian folk architectural features. The church was built from debarked logs, and many eighteenth-century paintings, items of liturgical clothing and other objects remain within it. The expensive decorations used in the interior of the church (Baroque altars, Rococo style baptismal bowls and a Saint John the Baptist painting) indicate that the church was wealthy, since it could afford such lavish decorations.