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Sprūdė (Šaukštelis) hillfort

People say that Sprūdė Hillfort located in Šaukštelis Village is the most beautiful one in Samogitia. According to a local legend, the hillfort and a wooden castle with its large network of underground tunnels were built by Duke Sprūdeika who tried to escape from the wrath of his brother, King Mindaugas of Lithuania. The Duke chose this safe place as his new home that provided him with the best visibility in all Samogitia (the hillfort was eventually named after the Duke). The locals say that the indentation on the top of the hill is getting deeper every year. Could this be a proof that the underground tunnels indeed existed?

People say that the treasure remains hidden somewhere in the hillfort: “There is an iron door to the Underworld but it is protected by powerful magic and guarded by the devils. Once, some folks came across the door and tried to dig out a way to it. However, a horrible storm came upon them and whisked all the workers away... It took them no less than three days to find their way home”. 

The hillfort is 216 m above the sea level. Sprūdė is said to date back to the “age of gunpowder warfare”, i.e. the later battles against the Teutonic Order. The scientists believe that there was a village at the foot of the hill, which existed from the 11th to the 12th century. The castle most probably stood on the higher grounds. The hillfort itself is surrounded by three rows of ramparts reaching 4 meters in height. Stone hatchets and spearheads have been found around the hillfort.

The hillfort provides a splendid view of Biržulis and Lūkstas Lakes and Šatrija Hillfort.



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