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Sirma mound

Širmė mound is located on the right bank of the Virvyčia river, on the western shore of the drained Lake Biržulis in the vicinity of present-day Janapolė. The first inhabitants of these areas settled in the Mesolithic.

The 3 Mesolithic camp of Širmės kalns is also included in this period. In the late Neolithic and Brass Ages, people lived in these places particularly densely. Here were found 12 fishing settlements of that time and 1 burial place in Patilčius village.

Širmė Hill is the top of an array of several hills. A total of 4 Stone Age settlements were discovered in the massif, I thous. traces of the settlement and other finds were fortified in the second half of the settlement: many and varied metal period pottery, iron axes, the penny of Alexander (1492–1506).

Based on these findings, it is concluded that here in the XII-XVI c. the former beginning of the old Viržuvėnai.