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Sculpture "Town Hall Well"

Architect - Algirdas Žebrauskas.

In this place before the war stood the city well. This is evidenced by the old town of 1905. photo. There were a lot of horses at the time, the markets needed water. On one side of the well, horses were watered, and on the other, people were drinking. According to the old inhabitants of Telšiai, the water in the town hall well did not dry out during the worst drought. In Tsarist times, a well was filled during the installation of the square. The old well of the city was like a "box", the current sculpture replicates part of the former well. It is planned to install an exhibition of medals on four well planes, as Medalininkai camps are taking place in Telšiai. Since 2012 June 8 water started to flow from the four openings of the "Town Hall Well", the mouths of bears. Water can be drunk at any time of the day.