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Monument to the standing residential houses "Here childhood fell in the courtyards"

Date of occurrence 2008

A monumental stone was unveiled on the site of the former house, near the city clock, in the Market Square. The expenses of the monument were compensated by the former residents of this yard J.Remėza from Telšiai, V. Butvilas from Klaipėda, A.Vinikas living in Israel. All other worries went to Bartkus. It is said that there could have been over 10 dwellings in this neighborhood. Only a couple have survived to this day. Much was demolished when the construction of the Tulpė store and later the administrative building of the city eldership began. Maxima, bank branches, their branches and other institutions have also changed the landscape. The favorite cinema of Telšiai did not remain either. The Soviet Square was changed to the Market Square and became unrecognizable to the old townspeople and maybe even a stranger.