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Getautė mound

0.9 km west of Telšiai-Varniai road and 0.5 km northeast of Viešė passage on Kungiai-Viešvėnai II road, Viešė on the left bank, in the forest. The territory of the mound covers an area of about 5.5 ha. It is believed that the mound in 1253. The Curonian Spit Castle Viešvė stood in the 19th century, and the Getautė Mound on a high hill on the left bank of the stream is the beginning of the old Viešvėnai.

Residents of the area tell legends that giants poured down this mountain, carrying a handful of lands. Another legend says that the Swedes had set up dungeons on this mountain, where they kept jewels, weapons, food for themselves and horses. In ancient times, an open cave led to the basements of the mountain.

The mound covers an area of about 5.5 ha. It is protected by the state. In the course of research, found molded ceramics with a rough surface, dating from the I-IX c.

To the east of the mound near the Telšiai-Varniai road there is an embankment-covered hill called Gojus. Archaeologist V. Valatka writes about Goose Hill near Getautė that "sacred forests or goats are also characteristic of mound culture". It can therefore be speculated that the Goya may have been a ceremonial place, and the Lord flowing on the slope was considered sacred. Traditionally, car rally races are held here.