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Church of the Icon of the Mother of God of Kaunas "JOY OF ALL SORROWERS"


The church of the icon of the Mother of God of Kaunas "Joy of All Sorrowful" stands in Kaunata village, Telšiai district.
A small wooden church was built in 1894. at the expense of an unknown merchant from St. Petersburg (5000 rubles).
The temple was built on land that once belonged to a Catholic parish. The Orthodox parish was founded in 1895. 1921 The Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior handed over the church building to Catholics. At that time, there were about 500 believers in the parish who opposed the decision and submitted a request to the Cabinet of Ministers, which on 21 December. revoked the decision. 1937 there were 981 believers in the parish.
1947 the Soviets registered the parish. At that time, a priest from Kolainiai or Telšiai came once a month.
It was renovated in 2010. Worship in this house of prayer takes place during the summer.