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Angel Mill

In Varniai Regional Park, in a beautiful place, in the village of Kūlio Dauba, on the bank of Virvyčia stands in 1851. water Mill. It was used for grinding, pickling, tapping, and making groats. 1951 the mill was damaged by fire.Later, the mill was rebuilt as it was.

The mill is built of stone masonry and frame wooden structures. It has remained unchanged to this day. The watermill is a Cultural Heritage Site. 2010 the mill was reconstructed in order to preserve the heritage as much as possible, to equip a museum and to adapt it to the needs of tourism and attractive to visitors. After the revival of the new mill building, with the preserved authentic technological parts of the mill, the name ANGELŲ MILL was given.

Well-groomed environment with a tea house, outdoor ovens with a toaster and grill, and a marina. Beautiful landscape: forest, pond 50 ha., River. Here you will be able to see an ancient water mill, reminiscent of almost two hundred years. Those who want to listen to unique stories about the then and modern life of the mill and get acquainted with the grain milling equipment are kindly invited to take a tour of all three floors of the mill.
Visit by prior arrangement.